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Television makers are starting to launch the quantity of 3d in TVs for use at house. In case you are wishing for being among the 1st families to get 3d, you will have to buy the brand brand new television, the broadcasting service provider as well as also unique 3d eyeglasses. One other feature is the fact that the 3d television can also be utilized as being the 2d television, as well as would provide the more sharper picture compared to any type of the contemporary day hi-def televisions. It may amaze you to know that 3d televisions are actually not expected to be much more costly when compared utilizing normal television, as well as when they've been in the marketplace for the brief period, you're likely to get wonderful television offers.

Logitech Harmony One Sweepstakes

If you're like most home theater geeks, you have a gaggle of remotes cluttering your coffee table. Of course, you can get a universal remote, but most are a pain to program for your particular system. Fortunately, all is not lost—the Harmony One from Logitech is easy to set up, and the button layout is among the best I've ever seen. In fact, it's the remote I use in my own home theater, and it could be yours as well if you win our latest sweepstakes.

Sony launches Google TVs and BD player in US

Sony's Google TV launchedSony has unveiled its first products based on Android technology, using Google to add Internet functionality to TV and BD models.

Shown in New York, the Google range features four TVs and a Blu-ray player. There are 24-, 32-, 40- and 46-inch TVs; the NSX-24GTI (around $600), NSX-32GTI ($800), NSX-40GTI ($1,000) and NSX-46GTI ($1,400).

The Blu-ray player NSZ-GT1 (at around $399) will feature most of the interactive functions, for playback through non-Google TV-enabled displays. Perhaps surprisingly, neither the TVs nor the BD player will support 3D playback.

The Google TV system comes with a hand-held RF QWERTY-type keypad remote control incorporating an optical mouse to simplify content navigation.

Sony Bravia 3D Press Event Tokyo Sony HQ March 2010

Sony Bravia 3D Press Event Tokyo Sony HQ March 2010
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Samsung Unveils Ultra Definition 3DTV

Samsung is proud to announce today that they are now displaying their latest prototype TV. The company calls this TV their “Ultra Definition” and it measures 70 inches, diagonally. The impressive part though is the 3840 x 2160 resolution and it can display 3D content with the help of a 240Hz processor. The screen uses super high speed silicon that Samsung has been developing. This display will help drive the pixels to move faster and ultimately create a smoother display during 3D and motion scenes. There is no information on when, or how much this display will retail for.

Ultrasone Edition 10 Headphones

The Audio Engineering Society (AES) convention isn't concerned with consumer products, but there's always a bit of crossover with the pro-audio items on display. For example, at last week's annual conclave in San Francisco, I found a new top-of-the-line headphone from Germany's Ultrasone. The Edition 10 is the company's first model in the Edition lineup to feature an open-back design, which took the company two years to develop. Also new to the Edition 10 is an oxygen-free copper (OFC), silver-plated, Kevlar-reinforced cable that can be easily configured for balanced or unbalanced connectors.

Home Theaters in a Box

An inexpensive and quick method of getting the home theater system effect is through using a rather new thing called "home theater in a box." This is a term that refers to a "starter kit" of home theater systems. Generally, a home theater in a box is a handy package that contains all of the things you need to start a home theater - speakers, a receiver, and DVD player. There are variations and different combinations and some systems include different pieces of equipment, but the general idea is the same. This is for the person who just wants to enjoy a good sound from their system without trying to impress company with a massive and overwhelming sound.

Projector Reviews: How To Buy An LCD or DLP Projector

Following are some tips for buying the right LCD projector or DLP
projector. Perhaps the most difficult thing about buying a projector is
that there are so many different features and prices that you need to
consider before you make your final choice. Most projectors that are
bought are used with a variety of other technologies such as a laptop,
VCR, mouse, and audio player. This is why it?s important that you check
the output and input options of any projector you?re considering
buying. You want to be sure that the projector meets all the
connectivity needs that you might be throwing at it in the future.